5 EFISCEN training

Alterra and EFI organised a training on 14-17 October 2013 in Wageningen, The Netherlands.

The European Forest Information SCENario model (EFISCEN) is a large-scale forest scenario model that projects forest resource development on regional to European scale. For most European countries a model setup is available, usually based on (highly aggregated) national forest inventory data. EFISCEN can be used to make estimates of woody biomass supply potentials and/or development of the forest under different scenarios, such as prolongation of rotation lengths, species shifts or changes in increment due to for example climate change. Output exists of species and age class distribution, growing stock, increment, carbon stored in biomass and soils, extracted harvest residues, etc. Recent applications are the EUwood (http://ec.europa.eu/energy/renewables/studies/doc/bioenergy/euwood_final_report.pdf),  and EFSOS II projects (http://www.unece.org/efsos2.html),  and the model has been used for estimating EU LULUCF reference levels (http://unfccc.int/files/meetings/ad_hoc_working_groups/kp/application/pdf/awgkp_eu_2011_rev.pdf). This training school offers the possibility to learn how the model works, to get more insight in past national applications (specifically EFSOS II), to discuss advantages and disadvantages with the developers, and to reflect on possible future development and use, in co-operation with the national forest inventory institutes. For more information on the model please visit http://www.efi.int/portal/virtual_library/databases/efiscen/.

5.1 Workshop training Programme

Day 1

  • Welcome and short name round
  • Short introduction to forest inventories
  • Introduction to EFISCEN
  • Hands-on session with a simple country (“Utopia”)

Day 2: morning

  • Introduction to EFSOS II (set-up and scenarios)
  • Hands-on sessions with EFSOS runs for own country

Day 2: afternoon

  • Calculating potential wood availability with EFISCEN
  • Calculating potential wood availability and residues in EFSOS
  • Continued EFSOS runs
  • Follow up of the EFSOS process

Day 3: morning

  • Possibility to discuss with trainers about use of national data
  • Discussion about possibilities for setup of scenarios
  • Implementation of alternative scenarios

Day 3: afternoon

  • Room for country presentations (for example latest NFI data or results; national projection models available; national outlooks available; reflection on EFSOS outcomes)
  • Matteo Vizzarri: PhD work
  • You-Ren Wang: the CASA model
  • More?
  • [optional] Short overview of Dutch forest history
  • [optional] Short excursion/walk in the surroundings

Day 4: morning

  • Current use of ancillary data in EFISCEN (GIS layers, national statistics)
  • Plans for the future: EFISCEN Space
  • How to make better use of NFI data and expertise
  • Trees4Future Transnational Access
  • Closing of the training school

Day 4: afternoon

  • Possibility to continue working/discussing with trainers

5.2 Training materials: Presentations

  1. Overview of the EFISCEN model
  2. Exercises with the EFISCEN model using Utopia
  3. Realisable biomass potential from European forests
  4. Ongoing development of the EFISCEN model
  5. European Forest Sector Outlook Study II – trade-offs between mitigation and other Forest functions