3 Access and Benefit Sharing of Forest Genetic Resources

The Access and Benefit Sharing workshop was organised in November 2013. It was concluded that the new EU Regulation on Access and Benefit Sharing will apply to future international exchanges of Forest Genetic Resources. As it was foreseen that the regulation will come into force from October 2014 onward.

In order to minimize administrative burden for both sectors when exchanging Forest Genetic Resources a standard/model Material Transfer Agreement should be prepared.

After the workshop the contributors to this deliverable convened and decided that they will come up in short term with a proposal to the Trees4Future project for the preparation of a draft Material Transfer Agreement and for setting some first steps in the development of best practices.

3.1 Workshop training Programme

Day 1

  • Legislation regulating ABS to Forest Genetic Resources, a case study from the Nordic Region
  • State of the art of the EU legislation on ABS
  • The consequences of Access and Benefit Sharing for international exchange of genetic material
  • Discussion: What are the implications of ABS for forest tree breeding as well as for forest genetic research in Europe
  • Conclusions and Recommendations

3.2 Training materials

3.2.1 Presentations

  1. Legislation regulating ABS to FGR case study from the Nordic Region
  2. State of play of the Proposal for a Regulation on Access to Genetic Resources and Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from their Utilisation in the EU
  3. Consequences of the EU Regulation on the Nagoya Protocol for FGR exchange