TREEBREEDEX Forest Genetic Resources

Technical information

Type of facility: Online database

Keywords: genetics, tree breeding, genetic trial, provenance, progeny, clone, seed orchard, tree breeding, forest nurseries

Who would find this useful? researchers, wood production community (seed dealers and nurseries)

About the facility: The Treebreedex database offers access to metadata of genetic units (provenances, progenies, clones, varieties) and of genetic field experimentation (provenances, progenies, clones, clonal archives, seed orchards, etc) for major forest tree species in Europe.

The Treebreedex database is a unique database of forest genetic resources collected and managed by forest tree breeders and geneticists. It offers an extensive and up-dated inventory of the various types of genotypes available (provenances, progenies, clones, varieties) collected and tested by breeders over more than 50 years, as well as of field experimental genetic trials (provenance, progeny, clonal, variety, demonstration trials, seed orchards, clonal archives, etc). It provides key metadata on genotypes and experimental sites.

Map of treebreedex centresDifferent sites where the Danish seed orchard of hybrid larch FP201 (or its French equivalent) was tested in Europe (EU-Larch Wood Chain project and national testing).

The database gives

  • access to a network of sites of a given species across contrasted ecological conditions, with the same genotypes for phenotypic plasticity studies, for phenology modelling, for pest and disease epidemics monitoring, etc
  • information where some genotypes (for example seed orchard progeny) has been evaluated across Europe, and allows users to get in contact with managers to find out how certain genotypes behave in different environments
  • access to a specific genetic origin, pedigree, mating design, experimental site
  • information on characteristics of a given seed orchard


What does the TA programme offer? Access to the online database, which is designed to allow interested experts to (a) identify any genetic resources support (genotype or site) available across Europe for their research responding to some genetic, ecological or experimental characteristics, and (b) to get into contact with resource holders.

Training on the use of the database is also available.

More information

Location: an online database, hosted by INRA

Technical information about the facility

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