Transnational Accesses

Technical information

ToSIA – Tool for Sustainability Impact Assessment (EFI)

The ToSIA tool exists in its 2.0 release in English, Swedish and Finnish language versions.

  • ToSIA database for data storage; server based, stable internet connection crucial
  • ToSIA Database Client with Wizard for creating process chains (=chain topologies), viewing and editing data, as well as data import; (=user interface for data entry): windows-based, login/password needed, administrator rights needed for installation, stable internet connection crucial
  • ToSIA engine for calculating sustainability impact assessments; java-based
  • Analysis tools:
    • MCA (Multi-Criteria-Analysis)
    • CBA (Cost-Benefit-Analysis) – under development
    • PA (Policy Analysis) – under development; internet connection needed
  • ToSIA Manual for user instructions on how to use the ToSIA tool
  • Data Collection Protocol (DCP): collection and definition of all indicators so far used in ToSIA assessments, and framework of how additional indicators can be defined

Examples of use

  1. District Heating Plants/Bioenergy and 20-2020: Case study in Finland (Northern ToSIA)
  2. Forest-based sector and Reindeer Husbandry/Nature Considerations: Case study in Sweden (Northern ToSIA)
  3. National Park Plan/Multiple services: Case study in Scotland (Northern ToSIA)
  4. Protected area: Case study in Norway (Northern ToSIA)
  5. EU Forest-based Sector: European Forest Wood Chain (EFORWOOD)
  6. Forest resource/industrial technology: Scandinavian production driven case (EFORWOOD)
  7. Consumption: Iberian product driven case (EFORWOOD)
  8. Regional/Bioenergy: Baden Württemberg regional case of both production and consumption (EFORWOOD)