Transnational Accesses

TA feedback - ToSIA

Project title: Studying impacts of intensive forest biomass extraction on soil and tree carbon pools, forest productivity and nitrogen balances

Applicant: Department of Forest Ecology and Management, SLU, Umea, Sweden

Duration: 16-20 December 2013

Feedback: The sustainability impacts of the alternative management scenarios were compared with each other in ToSIA (stump harvesting and conventional harvesting). The ToSIA chain was developed in the client database, and runs were made in the ToSIA program. Indicator values in ToSIA chains were updated and included in the report. I tree growth effect by stump extraction was analysed.

This allows me to put my current PhD research project in a broader perspective and write a report. It has broadened my understanding and knowledge and will help in future research.

Project title: Use of ToSIA in Catalan Forest Biomass production - UTCFB

Applicant: Department of Forest Harvesting and Biomass, Forest Sciences Center of Catalonia, Spain

Duration: 16-20 December 2013

Feedback: Scientific achievements: (a) how to use the ToSIA program (b) what type of information is needed to analyse the sustainable biomass supply chain. Scientific support, from my side, has been a personal and important support.

Project title: ToSIA appplied to Eucalyptus plantations for bioenergy in Brazil

Applicant: IINAS, International Institute for Sustainability Analysis and Strategy, Madrid, Spain

Duration: 16-18 December 2013

Feedback: Scientific achievements: they are twofold - a better understanding of a practical tool to measure sustainability, and application of the ToSIA tool to a case study in a eucalyptus plantation in Brazil.

Scientific support was very good and still ongoing, since there is an agreed plan to support after the training.

Project title: LTER Montado - Long term socio-ecological research in a Mediterranean cultural landscape

Applicant: Environmental Biology Center, Faculty of Sciences, University of Lisbon, Portugal

Duration: 16-20 December 2013

Feedback: This visit gave me access and insight on a very complex tool that I could not have without such a training. It is a tool to be used in my forthcoming PhD and the next steps are to extend the process to the overall "montado" agroforestry system to analyse the future sustainability of such a system, in different socio-political-economic-environmental scenarios, in the frame of LTER Montado and OPERAs projects.

Project title: Sustainability Impact Assessment of Alternatives Forest Wood Chain based on Energy Production in El Espinar, Spain

Applicant: Technical University of Madrid, Spain

Duration: 16-20 December 2013

Feedback: The knowledge of this tool will improve our capacity to analyse different posibilities that can be managed in Mediterranean forests, and how they can influence the regional economy. My experience at the T4F programme was really great, members had a positive and helpful attitude with us.