Support offered

The TA programme offers external users free access to the Trees4Future specialized research structures and facilities, as detailed in the the description of each facility, including a contribution to users’ travel and subsistence costs.

Travel and subsistence

Trees4Future will subsidise the costs of travel and subsistence incurred during physical site visits. Users may claim daily subsistence (per diem) costs on the basis of flat rates. The rates vary from 51€ to 109€ depending on the country where the TA site is located and on the duration of the stay. The per diem is intended to be a contribution to subsistence costs (i.e. accommodation, meals, local transport such as buses and taxis, parking fees, etc) and may not cover all costs. In the case where accommodation is provided by the TA host at no cost to the user, the subsistence cost will be reduced by 75%. The subsistence rates may vary over the course of the project.

Travel costs will be reimbursed up to a maximum amount of 450€. Please note, in the case of group applications, only ONE person will be eligible for travel and subsistence reimbursement at the end of the TA visit.

Transnational Access - Daily rates for reimbursement

Access Duration 1 day to 6 days
no weekend included
7 to 14 days weekends included 15 to 90 days weekends included
Austria 89.41 70.79 56.63
Belgium 92.19 72.99 58.39
Finland 96.96 76.77 61.42
France 97.36 77.08 61.66
Germany 82.65 65.44 52.35
Italy 91.39 72.36 57.89
Netherlands 104.51 82.74 66.19
Poland 86.23 68.27 54.62
Portugal 81.06 64.18 51.34
Spain 84.92 67.24 53.79
Sweden 102.12 80.86 64.69
United Kingdom 109.67 86.83 69.46

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Please note these rates may be modified during the course of the project.