Selection / Review process

The TA selection process will give priority to research projects demonstrating scientific excellence, preferably using innovative approaches, and with clear plans for technology transfer. Since the successful completion of a transnational experiment and the publication of related data does not only depend on a successful field experiment, but also on further support to complete the subsequent analysis of data and publishing process, users/user groups that show sufficient funding for such completion of the experiment will be given priority .

Selection of TA users is based on the above quoted scientific indicators but priority will also be given to a) first-time users and to b) requests from countries that lack the research infrastructure resources.

The review process is organized by the TA Coordination Team, largely via email. The submitted proposals will be automatically sent to the TA Coordination Team and to the site(s) manager(s).
The evaluation of TA will be a two-step process, in line with the two-step application process.

Evaluation criteria for 1st Stage Application (eligibility phase)

To be eligible to benefit from TA to the infrastructure available under the Trees4Future project, applicants must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. The TA applicant (or the group leader and the majority - i.e. 50% or more - of the applicants in case of a group application) must work in an organization established in a Member State or Associated State
  2. The TA applicant (or the group leader and the majority - i.e. 50% or more - of the applicants in case of a group application) must work in a country, or countries, other than the country where the legal entity operating the infrastructure is established.

When the infrastructure is composed of several installations operated by different legal entities, this condition shall apply to each installation.

A pre-evaluation will be performed by the TA site(s) manager(s) and TA Coordination Team who will assess the eligibility and technical feasibility of the proposed access.

Evaluation criteria for 2nd Stage Application (full proposal)

A User Selection Panel (USP) composed of the TA Coordination Team and two external reviewers (experts in the field) will evaluate the access proposals, basing its decision on:

  • the scientific quality, innovative nature and expected impact of the proposed work
  • the availability of the requested site at the time the proposal is made
  • the expertise of the user group in the research field
  • the networking value and training potential based on: the experience to be gained by the scientist(s), and the number of scientists and students involved in the applicant’s research group.

Priority will be given to:

  • First-time users (i.e. researchers who have not previously used the facility), young researchers
  • Users who would normally not have access to the infrastructure, i.e., requests from researchers working in countries that lack the research infrastructure resources.

Following the initial review by the USP the proposal will be sent to the Executive Committee of Trees4Future, which will give its final decision on the proposed access. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of the evaluation by the USP within 6 weeks from the date of submission of the 2nd Stage Application. In the case of a negative response, the reasons for the decision will be provided and possibly suggestions for improvement for resubmission.