Reimbursement procedure

Travel and subsistence reimbursement

Trees4Future will subsidise the costs of travel and subsistence (TS) incurred during physical site visits. Users may claim daily subsistence costs on the basis of flat rates. Flat per diem rates for participating countries (where TA sites are located) are shown in the table here.

Travel costs will be reimbursed up to a maximum amount of 450€. Travel and Subsistence-related expenses will be reimbursed upon approval of the final report (the User Group Questionnaire, see below for details). The per-diem cannot be claimed for a period exceeding the maximum duration of the TA activity (= duration approved by the User Selection Panel).

The Trees4Future TA Coordination Team will proceed with the reimbursement upon receipt of the final report (via the User Group Questionnaire), the reimbursement form (including original invoices, tickets, boarding passes; bank details of the User to be reimbursed; number of days of access and per diem flat rate), and completed TA Agreements document, with the signature of both the TA user and TA site manager. Please note, in the case of group applications, only ONE person will be eligible for travel and subsistence reimbursement at the end of the TA visit.

1. Reimbursement form: to be signed by the TA Site Manager and User and approved by the TA Coordination team (following TA visit).

2. TA Agreements: to be signed by the TA Site Manager and User and approved by the TA Coordination team (prior to TA visit).

Travel reimbursement

Travel-related expenses incurred by the user for travel from the user’s home institution to/from the chosen TA site. Travel support for TA users is available at a maximum rate of 450€.

Please note: For T4F TNA Reimbursement of travel expenses, when costs are incurred in a currency other than Euro, we convert them using the official ECB exchange rate on the date of the expense that can be found at this link:

Travel may include the following:

Plane travel: All flight tickets should be booked by the applicant(s). Receipts required: boarding pass + travel agency invoice, original tickets/e-tickets.


Train/Bus travel (unless for local transport): All train/bus tickets should be booked by the applicant(s). Receipts required: original tickets + travel agency invoice (if any).


Travel by User’s personal car: Reimbursement is made on the basis of 0.29 € per kilometre (independent of engine capacity). Fuel is included in the kilometre rate. Road tolls may be paid extra. When two or more participants travel together by car, travel costs will be reimbursed to only one person. The total cost of travel by car cannot exceed the maximum cost of an equivalent flight. Car rental or car insurance costs cannot be covered.

Receipts required: copy of calculation of number of kilometres from or websites, road toll receipts.

Subsistence contribution

Contributions to subsistence expenses are paid on a per diem flat rate. The rates vary from 51€ to 109€ depending  on the country where the TA site is located and on the duration of the visit. The per diem flat rate is intended to be a contribution to subsistence costs (i.e. accommodation, meals, local transport such as buses and taxis, parking fees, etc) and may not cover all costs. No receipts are required to claim the per diem subsistence allowance, only the completed and signed TA Agreements form indicating the number of days spent at the TA site. In the case where accommodation is provided by the TA host at no cost to the user, the subsistence cost will be reduced by 75%. The subsistence rates may vary over the course of the project.