TA Feedback - UGent Nanowood

Project Title: Internal structure of cork using a non-destructive method (CTcork)

Applicant: Forest Research Center, Lisbon, Portugal

Visit date: 13-21 May 2013

Feedback: The visit to UGent Nanowood multi-resolution X-ray CT scanner allowed me to incorporate new knowledge about the internal structure of cork.

The entire process and visit went very well. I recommend application to the Trees4Future TA programme for young forest researchers who aim for enrichment and improvement of their research.

Project Title: Microstructure study of acetylated and furfurlated wood using X-ray tomography

Applicant: SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

Visit date: 27 March - 17 April 2014

Feedback: The main purpose of this TA visit was the microstructure study of some chemically modified wood samples. The results are very interesting and valuable data of microstructure of these samples could be obtained. Total porosity, porosity of different parts of wood structures, maximum opening tracheids and cell wall thickness were measured by using the X-ray images. These results can be nicely related to wetting properties of these modified samples which had been done before this visit. These results can be published in one individual paper. The major idea of this visit was the freezing study of superhydrophobic wood surfaces. In this part the results were not very promising due to the resolution limitation and instrumentation limitation.

I am very glad that I had this opportunity to do some of my experiments at another research site. It helped me to add valuable data to my results and as well as to establish new scientific networks for future collaboration.

Project Title: Improving methods to assess drought stess in trees

Applicant: Universität Ulm, Institut für Systematische Botanik und Ökologie, Germany

Visit date: 12-18 July 2014

Feedback: The information provided by the Laboratory of Wood Technology (Woodlab) in Ghent was excellent. I received outstanding assistance with experimental setup and interpretation of data from the microCT instrument. Overall the services were excellent and the visit was a great success in terms of data collected.