UGent Nanowood Multi-resolution X-ray CT scanner

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The TNA holder has indicated that this infrastructure would remain accessible also after the Trees4Future end-of-project, however the applicant would have to bear costs.

Potential users are invited to enquire directly with the site manager for agreement on accessibility and related costs.

NanowoodNanowood. Photo: Ghent University Center for X-ray Tomography.

Type of facility: Equipment

Keywords: X-ray tomography, helix, cone-beam, high-resolution, microdensity, non-destructive, 3D structure, wood physical properties

Who would find this useful? Forest-based research community; non-forest  research communities, forest-based  industries; wood production community.

"It helped me to add valuable data to my results and as well to establish new scientific networks for future collaboration."

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About the facility: The X-ray CT infrastructure Nanowood is a state-of-the-art and unique multi-resolution X-ray tomography set-up developed at UGCT (Ghent University Center for X-ray Tomography).

 It consists of an 8-axis motorized stage combined with two X-ray tubes and two X-ray detectors specifically designed to permit very high resolution scans as well as scans of larger objects. This set-up allows small samples to be scanned with low or high attenuation. Large samples can also be scanned. The system offers a large range of operation freedom with an 8-axis motorized stage for sample rotation / magnification / positioning, tube and detector selection and tiling; all combined in versatile acquisition routines (standard or fast scanning, tiling, helix, ...). The ongoing interaction within UGCT between wood scientists and X-ray physicists enables an optimal use, refinement and continuous updating of the equipment and accompanying software (for scanner control, reconstruction, data analysis and visualization) from which the user can profit.

UGent X-ray tomography posterX-ray tomography poster.

Technical information: X-ray CT scanner Nanowood; approximated reconstructed voxel size ranging from 200 µm down to 400 nm; sample size depending on resolution that is aimed at; standard cone-beam and helical tomography; Octopus reconstruction software, Morpho+ analysis software, VGStudio Max rendering software.

What does the TA programme offer? Maximum 8-day visit, including sample preparation, setting up the experiment, scanning, reconstruction, data analysis and visualization.

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Location: Ghent, Belgium

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X-ray tomography poster