Transnational Accesses

Technical information

METLA Vegetative propagation laboratory

Propagation laboratoryStudy on somatic embryogenesis of Scots pine. Photo: Teijo Nikkanen.

The laboratory includes:

  • Separate laboratory rooms with 8 laminar hoods equipped with microsterilators both for clean aseptic working and for microbiological work with fungal and bacterial cultures
  • Two in vitro growth rooms with adjustable temperature and light conditions
  • Media preparation facilities including MediaClave apparatus
  • Several PCR devices and other equipments needed for characterisation of tissue cultured materials (electrophoresis apparatus, heat blocks, hybridisation ovens, gel blotter, gel documentation station with supporting software, dark room etc)
  • Research microscope with UV-light and several stereomicroscopes equipped with digital cameras and photographing software
  • Spectrophotometer
  • Image analysis system for seed, leaves, and roots.
  • Cold- and freezing room capacities: rooms of 8°C, +4°C, -5°C, -20°C, and several ultra-freezers of –70/-80°C.
  • Special greenhouses (123 m2) for growing genetically modified plants
  • Conventional greenhouses that include both all-year-round greenhouses (431m2) with controlled temperature, air humidity and light conditions and summer greenhouses
  • A fenced nursery with automated watering

Propagation laboratorySpecific form of rowan having curly wood under micropropagation. Photo: Tuija Aronen

Examples of use

  • Somatic embryogenesis in Pinus, Picea, and Abies
  • Organogenesis in broadleaves, such as Betula, Populus, Sorbus
  • Rooting of shoot cuttings in Pinus and Picea