Transnational Accesses

TA feedback - METLA

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Project Title: Vitrification and clonal fidelity of Holm oak somatic embryos

Applicant: IMIDRA, Spain

Visit date: 19 February - 11 June 2013

Feedback: Applied for access to two facilities (METLA Cryopreservation laboratory and METLA Vegetative propagation laboratory) located in the same place.

Both facilities at the METLA Punkaharju Unit are well equipped, and the staff is highly qualified, efficient and very supportive. They taught me new skills that can be applied in my own research. If I had to repeat the experience, I would apply for the same facility over and over again: the experience was wonderful!

Given the cutting-edge results of the experiments performed in Finland, we are currently writing two manuscripts that include these results, to high impact factor publications in our field.