Instructions for 2nd stage application form

1) General Information

Project title and acronym: Self-explanatory

Name(s) of the selected site(s): One or more sites can be included in TA applications. Trees4Future encourages applications for experimentation at multiple sites.

Application type: Trees4Future partners will offer 2 different types of access to the infrastructures: TA-1 physical visits; TA-2 remote access to laboratory services and facilities/equipment. Clarify the type of research you wish to undertake after consulting the detailed site descriptions, which outline the type of access offered by each site.

TA-1: Physical Access: Users will physically visit the site(s) to conduct research/measurements.

  • T4F-TA action will contribute to the cost of travelling/living expenses.
  • Both stage 1 and stage 2 applications are required.

TA-2: Remote Access: Users send their samples for analysis, but do not physically visit the site. The site manager will be responsible for making measurements and analyses. Currently only IDPAN Ecophys CHA Lab offers this type of access, but this type of access could be expanded to other sites during the course of the project.

  • There is no reimbursement for travel/living expenses for remote access.
  • Both stage 1 and stage 2 applications are required.
  • The quantity of sample that can be analysed will be defined in the Call for Access. E.g., IDPAN Ecophys CHA Lab states that a unit of access a unit of access (1 week) is based on 200 samples per week.

Joint experiment: Indicate whether your project is linked to other existing EU projects and/or institutions.

Project participants: Provide applicant details (first name and surname, citizenship, organization, address, email, telephone) and indicate whether the application is an individual or group application. If it is a group application, indicate whether the applicant is the Group Leader, and provide details (name, organization, citizenship) of other group/project participants.

2) Project information

Outline of the scientific issue: Provide a background, context and justification for the submitted proposal (1 page maximum).

Scientific aims and objectives: Explain why you want to perform your research at the selected site(s) and the general objectives of your research (1 page maximum).

Methodology: Outline the methodology you want to use, the required instrumentation and the methodology of processing the obtained results (½ page maximum).

Expected results: Describe the results you expect to achieve following the TA (½ page maximum).

Preliminary plans for publication: Outline your plans for publishing the results of your research (e.g. journal name(s), conferences, meetings, etc.). Users are expected to publish their results within a reasonable time in open literature.

References: Provide a bibliography including key references.

3) Additional information

Preferred start date: Indicate when you would like to start your visit. In case of visits lasting 5 days or less, applicants are expected to visit the site within the same week. Weekends will be reimbursed only in case of longer visits or if there are special arrangements based on scientific motivations.

Duration of visit/access: Indicate how many access days you require.

Please propose one or more external referee(s): You may propose one or more experts in the field of research concerned to evaluate your proposal. Please indicate their names, position and organization (Please note: experts should not belong to Trees4Future partner organizations).

Additional comments: Please add any additional information/comments.