INRA Platform for phenotyping tree water relations

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The TNA holder has indicated that this infrastructure would remain accessible also after the Trees4Future end-of-project, however the applicant would have to bear costs.

Potential users are invited to enquire directly with the site manager for agreement on accessibility and related costs.

INRA Platform for phenotyping, robotPoplars on the irrigation robot. Photo: D. Le Thiec.

Type of facility: Greenhouse/climate chamber facilities

Keywords: climate change, drought, transpiration, monitoring, ecophysiology, plant physiology, greenhouse, climate chambers

Who would find this useful? Researchers and experts interested in estimation of whole plant transpiration and drought stress experiments on seedlings of tree species.

About the facility: The INRA platform comprises basic equipment for testing the responses of potted trees to different micro-environments including

  • three high performance climate chambers (temperature, light, and atmospheric humidity are regulated)
  • a temperature controlled greenhouse containing an innovative robot for automated control of irrigation and for imposing controlled levels of drought stress and weighing for transpiration monitoring

The facility enables precise control of climatic growth conditions of tree seedlings and precise control of soil water status for drought experiments on medium numbers of tree seedlings.

What does the TA programme offer? Access to the equipment is supported by experienced personnel at the site in INRA Champenoux.

  • Climate chambers: access on a daily basis, programming of climate conditions, help with installation of plants;
  • Irrigation robot: programming of the robot and the climatic conditions in the green house, surveillance of its functioning, installation of the plants, phytosanitary treatments, help with establishing the target soil water status and control of drought treatments, data extraction. Access is on a daily basis, a typical experiment will run from 1 to 3 months.

NB: Preparation and raising of plants is not included in the access, and will have to be discussed outside the Trees4Future access agreement.

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Location: Champenoux, France

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