Transnational Accesses

Technical information

INRA Genomics-Transcriptomics Facility (GTF)

The INRA facility includes a 200m² newly equipped laboratory with robotic stations for DNA isolation, high-throughput SNP (single nucleotide polymorphisms) genotyping systems (Sequenom, LC480), multiplexed fluorescent primers for different tree species, PCR (polymerase chain reaction) machines, capillary sequencing machine (ABI 3730), NGS systems and high technology systems for DNA/RNA quality and quantity control.

  • DNA isolation:
  • High throughput system (2 × 96 samples per day using a centrifuge)
  • Chemagic Star Hamilton extraction robot (up to 384 samples per day)
  • DNA/RNA quality and quantity control:
  • Nanodrop 8000
  • Quant-it technology on Tecan Infinite 200
  • Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer
  • PCR machines:
  • 3 × PCR 384
  • 5 × PCR 96
  • 1 × PCR 96 fast
  • Microsatellites genotyping:
  • Simplex and multiplex PCR on capillary system ABI3730
  • SNP genotyping:
  • MALDI-TOF Mass spectrometry on Sequenom Mass Array (up to 40 SNPs in multiplex on 384 samples)
  • KASPar and TaqMan on Roche LC480
  • High Resolution Melt (HRM) on Roche LC480
  • Next Gen analyses:
  • GS Junior (40Mb per run) coupled with the Fluidigm system (48 amplicons × 48 samples)
  • Ion PGM sequencer (1Gb per run)
  • Robotic:
  • 8 channels Hamilton STARlet robot (dilution, PCR, qPCR)
  • 96 head Hamilton STARlet robot (plate replication, pooling)

Examples of use

In 2010, the GTF will have genotyped over 50.000 individual samples at 8-12 microsatellites. About 1/4th of the samples correspond to work performed in the frame of the European network of excellence EVOLTREE, which gathers scientists from 25 labs in 15 countries. Within EVOLTREE, our facility has been identified as a reference facility for genotyping.