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INRA Genomics-Transcriptomics Facility (GTF)

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The TNA holder has indicated that this infrastructure would remain accessible also after the Trees4Future end-of-project, however the applicant would have to bear costs.

Potential users are invited to enquire directly with the site manager for agreement on accessibility and related costs.

Type of facility: Genotyping laboratory

Keywords: genomics, transcriptomics, genetics, gene flow, genotyping, traceability, bioinformatics

About the facility: The GTF has a high level of automation (robotic workstation for DNA isolation, and PCR set-up), the availability of sets of multiplexed microsatellite markers for traceability of different forest tree species, and associated bioinformatic expertise to score genotypes and prepare files to analyse the data.

Example of achievements include studies of gene flow and traceability (species as well as geographic sourcing) for oaks, phylogeography of larch, landscape genetics in beech, parentage analyses and linkage mapping in conifers and broadleaved trees.

What does the TA programme offer? Access typically consists of 10 days. The visitor will perform DNA isolation (up to 384 samples), genotype and/or sequence these samples, and use bioinformatic tools to prepare the data to be analyzed in their home institution.

All visitors will be trained for security requirements in the laboratory and will be guided by skilled technicians/engineers through all steps involved in the experiments. They will receive tutorials on genotype calling and binning or base calling to extract information from sequencers and prepare it for subsequent studies. For this, they will have access to state-of-the-art equipment under guarantee and to a dedicated office equipped with computers and relevant software. They will have a chance to interact with researchers and engineers from the research unit BIOGECO conducting studies on related topics, which should help them mature their projects or develop new collaborations.

"The lab set-up is very welcoming and there is plenty of space for storing samples and to make the experiments."

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Location: Bordeaux, France

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