TA feedback - INRA GENOBOIS wood analysis technical platform

Project Title: COREWOOD

Applicant: Madera +, Calidad Forestal S.L., Spain

Duration: 4-17 March 2013

Feedback: During the stay we learnt how to use a new infrastructure and data extraction of samples which had not been possible using traditional X-ray densitometry. We are currently in the phase of analysing the results. We hope that this technique opens the door to a new field of study and to optimise the extraction of information so far available for forest inventory samples.

In my case it was a first approach to this technique and I hope to continue making progress. It has allowed me to use a new technique to extract data from a sample density of wood, that I could not have otherwise used. I have had the opportunity to discuss the results with a research group with extensive knowledge. The visit was enormously productive!

The infrastructure and staff at INRA GENOBOIS Wood analysis technical platform, facilitates the transfer of knowledge and resources and opens possibilities for future collaborations.