Transnational Accesses

TA feedback

Project Title: Spatial modelling of species suitability to sites and climate projections

Applicant: Latvia State Forest Research Institute 'Silava'

Visit date: 3 February - 1 March 2014

Feedback: Main scientific achievements:

  • Development of methodology for analysis of species and provenance suitability  in climate change;
  • Obtaining new skills in GIS mapping tools;
  • Acquiring additional data useful for the research;
  • Learning about differences between Great Britain and Latvia (in climate, tree species portfolio, scientific work carried out, forestry, etc.);
  • Preliminary analysis of the historical climate and comparison of several regional and global climate models for the territory of Latvia.

It was a great experience to work with very skilled professionals. Even though three weeks is not a very long period, I feel that a very good job is done. We were able to go through all the data that I brought with me, acquire some additional data, develop methodology for the analysis and modelling of the species and provenance suitability, we managed to do some preliminary analysis of the data. There is still a lot of work to do to put all the results together, interpret them and make some conclusions, but the visit has been a great starter for the research.

I definitely recommend to visit this site for everyone who is interested in climate matching (both historical and possible future) models that are applicable to forestry.