FEM Sequencing and Genotyping Platform

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Type of facility: Equipment - DNA sequencing facility; genotyping facility

Keywords: sequencing, genotyping, functional genomics, metagenomics, pyrosequencing, transcriptome, robotic, liquid handling, genomics, transcriptomics

About the facility: DNA sequencing facility; genotyping facility

The S&G Platform has a two core facility:

  • DNA sequencing facility that includes 36 and 96 capillary DNA analyzer by Lifetchnologies and a next generation sequencing platform GS FLX+ by Roche;
  • genotyping facility that includes an iScan by Illumina, two LC480 by Roche and a ViiA7 by Lifetechnologies.

Both facilities are supported by three well equipped robotic platforms by TECAN.

The Sequencing and Genotyping Platform takes part in the research and development activity of the Innovation and Research Centre (IRC) with indirect and direct support to the researchers. The organization and the maintenance of instruments of the latest generation is the indirect support, that allows the researchers to plan and perform their research activity exploiting totally the technologic abilities that the IRC acquired in all these years.

At the same time the competences of the Platform staff, based on the most sophisticated instruments acquired by the IRC, can offer the direct support at the researcher's activities and the experimental project planning.

What does the TA programme offer?

  • 3-5 day visit
  • experimental design support
  • training on lab equipment and protocols

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Location: San Michele all’Adige, Italy

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