TA feedback - FCBA Physics Laboratory

Project Title: Acoustic and thermal properties of innovative foam core particleboards

Applicant: PhD student, Hamburg University, Germany

Duration: 17-23 March 2013

Feedback: Up to now, the below scientific results have been achieved within this research:

  • The acoustic performance (R value) of foam core particleboards is inferior to that of conventional particleboard but there are some ways to enhance the R value of foam core panels.
  • Increasing surface layer thickness has an important influence on the acoustic properties (R value).
  • Different foam structures have no influence on the R value.
  • Thermal conductivity of foam core particleboards is superior to that of conventional particleboard.
  • Increasing surface layer thickness (from 3 to 5 mm) and different foam cell configurations has an important influence on the thermal conductivity of foam core particleboards.

The logistical support was really fantastic. The scientific discussions, prepared documents (standards, scientific papers, book chapter and etc.) has broadened my knowledge in the area of acoustic and thermal performance tests.

It was a really valuable, fantastic and very informative program.

Besides the support for traveling costs, this program [Trees4Future Transnational Access] gives a good possibility to scientists, especially new researchers, to make more contacts with the new institutes/departments which can be lead to the future scientific cooperation. This has already happened for me.