FCBA Fungi and Insects collections


The TNA holder has indicated that this infrastructure would remain accessible also after the Trees4Future end-of-project, however the applicant would have to bear costs.

Potential users are invited to enquire directly with the site manager for agreement on accessibility and related costs.

Type of facility: Laboratory / insect and fungi collections

Keywords: wood technology, wood durability, fungus collection, insect collection, identification, standard tests, fungi, insects, wood properties

Who would find this useful? Forest-based research community; forest based industries; certification agencies

About the facility: The biology team includes 10 people: researchers and technicians with an entomology, mycology and wood backgrounds. The laboratory is involved in many research projects and networks on wood durability, wood preservation (International Research Group on Wood Protection), fungus and insect identification. It is ISO17025 accredited for its knowledge and know-how about the following background. It is part of the Timber Construction Group (120 people), which comprises also laboratories for mechanics, physics, and chemistry.

What does the TA programme offer? The unit of access is defined as 5 days. On average each user or user group is expected to stay 5 days at the infrastructure and therefore use 1 unit of access. This includes preparation of the specimens, preparation of the test set-ups, which are quite complicated in the case of thermal, acoustic and reaction to fire performances, as well as conducting the experiments.

The user can carry observations on insects and fungi, and perform durability tests on pieces of wood; tests can be performed to evaluate the behaviour of a given piece of wood with respect to a particular fungi or insect.

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Location: Bordeaux, France

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