EVOLTREE Plant Gene Repository Centre and Data Warehouse (AIT)

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The TNA holder has indicated that this infrastructure would remain accessible also after the Trees4Future end-of-project, however the applicant would have to bear costs.

Potential users are invited to enquire directly with the site manager for agreement on accessibility and related costs.

AIT plant gene repository centreAIT plant gene repository centre. Photo: AIT

Type of facility:

  • Laboratory equipment:
    • high throughput DNA extraction and PCR preparation facility
    • sample preparation and data upload in generalized formats
    • microarray facility
    • automated low temperature storage facility for sample storage & retrieval
  • Databases & data service
    • access and use of web-based sample management system (LIMS)
    • bioinformatics services (NGS data analysis)
    • access to data contained in different DBs via the EVOLTREE portal (www.evoltree.org; GD2, Treepop, Quercus portal, cMap, repository centre, ISS)

EVOLTREE componentsEVOLTREE components. Image: AIT.

  • Collections and libraries
    • BAC, genomic DNA and cDNA libraries (ESTs) of forestry plants, and insects
    • Standardized collection (~ 600.000 samples) of genomic DNA and PCR products of forestry plants and insects (microorganisms to come)

Keywords: automated large scale gDNA extraction, HT PCR and fragment analysis, liquid handling, genomics, sample management, reference sample collection, microarray, bioinformatics, EVOLTREE DB access

Who would find this useful?

  • Forest-based research community
  • FGR (Forest genetic resources) community
    • Seed dealers and nurseries
    • Forest managers  - conservation managers
  • Non-forest research communities (e.g. plant science, animal breeding, climate change, environment, “omics”)
  • Forest-based industries
    • pulp and paper
    • bioenergy
  • Policy-makers dealing with research issues
  • International organizations dealing with FGR regulations & conservation issues

About the facility: The resource centre provides physical and data access to biological material ranging from whole genome DNA (plants, insects, cattle) to ESTs (genes) and BAC libraries and gives you access to a work in an ISO 9001:2008 environment.

Reference samples are stored in an automated low temperature storage and retrieval system which allows reliable and quality assured long time storage of samples. In combination with our laboratory management system (LIMS) and liquid handling platforms barcoded sample tracking and automated sample processing is provided. gDNA extraction from various species and tissues are performed in a high throughput format according to established protocols (capacity: 800 samples/day)  - large-scale PCR amplification for re-sequencing projects is possible via HTS PCR equipment (16x96 or 384 PCR/day). Sample storage and retrieval is offered for up to 1.5 million reference samples – information on the material ia available via the internet (open access or user-protected). The sample management system is a very flexible web-based application which allows complete and detailed laboratory workflow documentation and is open for a trial usage in case of interest. It represents an easy R&D supporting option as an alternative to big commercial solutions.

Furthermore bioinformatics services can be provided for expression profile analysis as well as next generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis using established analysis pipelines established for the analysis of several research projects (curcurbita, rye, oak).

What does the TA programme offer?

The facility offers a3-day visit including training on laboratory equipment and protocols for:

  • high throughput gDNA extraction from various plant tissues
  • set up, processing and analysis of high throughput PCRs in various formats
  • sample storage in the low temperature automated labstore
  • sample management  via our lab management system
  • Spotting of DNA, oligos or proteins onto slides or microtiterplates


Same as above (1-5), but without visiting the facility (by sending dry or fresh plant samples (~20mg/sample) in 96 deepwell plates).

More information

Location: Tulln, Austria

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Interview: Silvia Fluch talks about the DNA repository center

Video: Demonstration of the sample management system (MAPS)

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