Technical Information

EFI Virtual Library of information services on forest resources in Europe

The EFI Virtual Library is a suite of databases and information services providing information about various aspects of European forests and the forest-based sector.

EFISCEN database

The European Forest Information Scenario (EFISCEN) Database is a forest inventory database of European countries, based on input from national inventory experts. The database is used in particular by the EFISCEN forest scenario model (access to the EFISCEN model is also offered through the Transnational Access programme).

Output from the EFISCEN database. Image: EFI.

LTFRA Database - Long Term Forest Resources Assessment Database

LTFRA, is an interactive searchable databases on forest resources in the UNECE region. The database includes data from forest resources assessments implemented by the FAO and UN-ECE/FAO, including information from the State of Europe's Forests 2011.

Output from the LTFRA database. Image: EFI.

FPTF database - Forest Products Trade Flow Database

The FPTF database uses the trade data from the United Nations United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics database. These data are then processed in order to obtain precise estimates of the trade flows between countries.

DFDE - Database on Forest Disturbances in Europe

DFDE, allows searching historic information about disturbances in the forests of Europe. The database contains information about forest disturbances reported in the literature in different European countries. The earliest recorded disturbance in the database is from 1449 in Germany.