EFI Virtual Library of information services on forest resources in Europe

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EFI forest map of Europe
EFI Forest map of Europe

Type of facility: A suite of databases and information services concerning European forestry.

Keywords: forestry, forest inventory, climate change, geo-referenced data, maps, forest map, GIS, geographic information systems

Who would find this useful? Forest-based research community; Non-forest  research communities (e.g. plant science, agriculture, land use, climate change, environment, “omics”, economics, society, green chemistry, bioenergy, etc.)

About the facility: The databases in the virtual library are:

  • EFISCEN Database: the European Forest Information Scenario Database, EFISCEN, is a forest inventory database of European countries, based on input from national inventory experts. The database is used in particular by the EFISCEN forest scenario model.
  • LTFRA Database: Long Term Forest Resources Assessment Database, LTFRA, is an interactive searchable databases on forest resources in the UNECE region. The database includes data from forest resources assessments implemented by the FAO and UN-ECE/FAO.
  • FPTF database: Forest Products Trade Flow Database, FPTF, uses trade data from the United Nations United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics database. These data then are processed in order to obtain precise estimates of the trade flows and stored in the FPTF Database.
  • DFDE: Database on Forest Disturbances in Europe, DFDE, allows searching historic information about disturbances in the forests of Europe.

The virtual library also includes different information services that are freely available:

  • EUROFOREST portal: the portal is a web-based entry point into pan-European forest information for the selected topics. It consists of an extensive metadatabase which allows easy search and provides comprehensive metadata records and links to the original sources.
  • Forest Products Price Information Portal: users can search for various information sources reporting price information. The portal comprises more than 200 different information sources from 30 countries. These include price series data, non-series price data and other price related information. The portal enables search by product category, geographic location, market area, and organisation type.
  • Mapping Services: some high resolution forest map images and GIS databases can be downloaded free of charge.
  • Register of forest long term monitoring trials: an inventory of all the existing trials made by REINFFORCE partners to identify the adaptation of more than 150 species introduced in Europe since the 20th century.

What does the TA programme offer? The developers of the databases and services will provide support for remote access to the databases and information services. If there is a need for a physical visit to EFI, this can be arranged.

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