IDPAN Ecophys Dendro Lab – Dendrochronology Laboratory


IDPAN dendrochronology laboratoryLINTAB device for tree ring analysis. Photo: IDPAN.

Type of facility: Laboratory

Keywords: dendrochronology, tree rings, climate change, phenology, growth rhythm, monitoring, modelling, landscape research, wood research, wood technology

Who would find this useful? dendrochronology researchers; forest-based research community; climatologists

About the facility: Laboratory equipped with LINTAB (a digital positioning table) for tree-ring analysis.

The dendrochronology laboratory provides analyses of tree rings. Tree-ring analysis (dendrochronology) has been proved as a valuable tool for many environmental applications, including the influence of climate, fires, canopy density and human pressure on trees and forests. These techniques can provide valuable information on tree growth, and phenology, especially in the context of variation within a population. Tree-ring analysis has been typically used also to study the effects on trees and forests of

  • Climate variability and climate change
  • Fires
  • Forest management

What does the TA programme offer? The access to the laboratory is supported by an experienced team at the site. A typical access consists of sample preparation, measurements and their verification, and statistical data analysis. The laboratory is equipped with the LINTAB hardware (a digital positioning table for tree-ring analysis) with TSAP software and statistical programs (DPL).

An estimated length of stay is 10 days, but this depends on the work to be carried out.

Examples of use:

The Dendro Lab has been used to study growth dynamics of different populations of Abies alba Mil. in response to abatement of air pollution

The Dendro Lab has been used to determine the age of old oaks used in genetic investigation of postglacial migration pathways in Quercus robur and Q. petraea.

  • Dering M., Lewandowski A., Ufnalski K., Kedzierska A. 2008. How far to the east was the migration of white oaks from the Iberian refugium? Silva Fennica, 42(3): 327-335.

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Location: Kórnik, Poland

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