BOKU Wood quality and tree physiology platform

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Type of facility: Laboratory equipment for assessing wood quality and tree physiology

Keywords: infrared spectroscopy, multivariate spectra analysis, microscopy, anatomy, plant physiology, hydraulic conductivity, cavitation, drought resistance, wood properties, wood density, wood quality, wood chemistry, X-ray densitometry

BOKU brochure pdfPresentation on the BOKU Wood infrastructure.

Who would find this useful? Forest- and non-forest based research community and industry (green chemistry, bioenergy, ...), wood research community and industry (wood quality), tree physiology community (ecophysiology, vulnerability to cavitation, drought resistance, ...).

About the facility:The BOKU platform offers a unique combination of methods to assess wood quality parameters and anatomical as well as hydrological parameters by using state-of-the-art equipment for infrared spectroscopy, microtomy, microscopy, hydraulic conductivity and vulnerability, and X-ray densitometry.

  • Infrared spectroscopy: fast and non-destructive monitoring of different wood properties
    • FT-MIR and FT-NIR: spectra acquisition with different measurement accessories (ATR, DRIFT, fibre optic,…), spectra processing and multivariate analysis
    • FT-MIR microscopy (ATR-mapping): position resolved scanning on the tree ring level
  • Microtomy and Microscopy: high quality wood microsections and microscopic analysis of cell wall parameters
  • Sperry apparatus, pressure collar: hydraulic conductivity and vulnerability of conifer trunkwood and branches
  • X-ray densitometry: X-ray profiles resolve ring width and ring density

The research stay will give qualified and experienced assistance in the practical use of the described instruments and methods. We also give expert advice in data analysis and dissemination of results, which has to be summarized in a research report or if possible used for publication.

What does the TA programme offer?

  • 3-10 day visit
  • sample selection and preparation support
  • training on lab equipment, experienced assistance in the practical use of the described instruments, methods, and protocols

Guest scientists will be guided by senior post-docs with long time of experience in their fields, and advised by Senior Scientists. This ensures outstanding project design and running of the experiments together with skilful data analysis and dissemination of the results. A unique combination of wood anatomical, chemical and physiological know-how is offered within one lab.

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Location: Vienna, Austria

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