breedR: an statistical R-package for genetic evaluation of trees

Why do we need this?

Statistical modelling is a preliminary key step when assessing forest trials, but experimental data is becoming increasingly complex and massive.

Appropriate statistical tools are not an easy choice - they are a daunting start for beginners, and a source of heterogeneity among advanced users. There is a need for sharing of expertise in statistical issues!

How can breedR help?

This is a statistical platform which uses publicly accessible open-source components within a framework that allows for complete openness to new additions by a community of users - it's a collaborative effort to make these tools reliable, readily available and conceptually accessible to the community.

What does breedR do?

The package provides frequentist and Bayesian statistical tools to build predictive models useful for breeders, quantitative genetists and forest genetic resources analysts communities. It aims to assess the genetic value of individuals under a number of situations, including spatial autocorrelation, genetic/environment interaction and competition.

Contact: Léopoldo Sanchez, INRA (





Demo: breedR: statistical methods for forest genetic resources analysis
Facundo Muñoz & Leopoldo Sanchez