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CORDIS Deadline for Trees4Future Transnational Access Programme applications announced 29.06.2015
Kooperation international Aufruf Trees4Future: Transnationaler Zugang zu Einrichtungen und Infrastruktur in den Forstwissenschaften 01.07.2015


CORDIS Trees4Future Transnational Access projects showcased 27.11.2014
European Commission Pioneering research to promote sustainable forestry 13.10.14
Die Presse Das Netzwerk der Bäume 16.03.14

2013 Jak posadzić idealny las 2013 Hodowla selekcyjna drzew 2013
PAP Science and Scholarship in Poland It's not easy to grow a superforest 20.09.13 Resilient Forests for the Future – Tree Breeding and Climate Change 06.02.13