Creating common standards and protocols

May 5, 2015

Many traits are of interest to forest tree breeders to distinguish genetic units, and to describe genetic variation and the evaluation of genotypes along their breeding programmes.

Systematic provenance and progeny trials have been established for more than 100 years. Many measurements and assessments were carried out within these trials. Standards were defined for the traditional measurements like height and diameter (dbh), and numerous scoring schemes were developed for other traits.

This makes it difficult or not feasible to compare results between institutions, but also between test series and single trials. Trees4Future's work package 2 addresses this issue of creating common standards and protocols.

A new deliverable has been published: D2.1 Development of common protocols and selection of reference genotypes. This presents species specific, and non-species specific common protocols for five broadleaves (species or species groups), and five conifers (species and species groups), respectively. The status and development of the assessment of wood characteristics and drought are given. The deliverable also presents a concept and a selection of reference genotypes.

Download D2.1 Development of common protocols and selection of reference genotypes