Workshop on statistical package breedR and phenotypic plasticity

A Trees4Future training workshop will be held on the use of the statistical package breedR from 30 June to 3 July 2015 in Jaca, Spain.

The breedR package is intended for quantitative genetic analyses with specific modules for spatial statistics, GxE and competition models among other features. (For more information see Trees4Future tools).

The course will comprise mainly training exercises with real forest genetics data and some short highlights on theory. It also includes a day focusing on phenotypic plasticity. The full workshop programme is available here: and the themes for each day are given below.

Day 1: Tuesday 30 June

  • Introduction to Linear Mixed Models (LMMs) and breedR
  • Genetic models, spatial autocorrelation and competition

Day 2: Wednesday 1 July

  • Field excursion visit natural populations of mixed Beech-Fir and Romanesque monastery San Juan de la Peña
  • Genotype by Environment and multi-trait models

Day 3: Thursday 2 July

  • WP3 thematic network on Phenotypic Plasticity

Day 4: Friday 3 July

  • Participant’s session: Discussion and analysis of participant’s use cases

Participants will be sent all the required material to get ready for the workshop, including links to the latest version of the breedR package, and several tutorials on the use of it, and on the R environment.

Practical details

The event will be held in Jaca, in the Spanish Pyrenees (residence web-page in Spanish

Participants will cover their travelling and accommodation costs. There are no fees for attending the workshop.

Accommodation is available locally: the price for full board accommodation from Tuesday to Friday is 135.78€/person in a double bed room to share (+8€/day, for a single room).

More information: travel and accommodation

Grants for undergraduate / PhD students

Trees4Future will provide up to 4 grants for undergraduate / PhD students. Depending on demand, this will include accommodation or accommodation/travel assistance. Grants will be preferentially given to people outside the Trees4Future consortium. To apply, ensure you answer the relevant questions below.

How to apply

The workshop is limited to 30 people. You can either apply online, or answer the following questions, and send to by 10 June.

•    Your name:
•    Institution/enterprise:
•    Contact (email):
•    T4F partner (YES/NO; if YES give partner number according to DoW):
•    Do you accept our proposed accommodation at the workshop place (YES/NO)?
•    If student, will you ask for a grant for travelling and/or accommodation (YES/NO)?
•    If student, please list Master/PhD keywords (no more than 5):
•    If student, year from Master/PhD start:
•    Describe briefly and concisely your activities and experience (in less than 100 words), notably those related to the topic of the workshop
•    What do you expect from this workshop (in less than 50 words)?

More information

Contact: Leopoldo Sanchez