Third Annual Meeting, November 2014

Trees4Future partners met in Tulln, Austria, from 17-21 November for the third Trees4Future Annual Meeting.

Researchers Azahara Barra Jiménez and Ivo Pavia demonstrated the results from their successful Trees4Future Transnational Access visits, and how their work has since progressed. Collaboration with the facilities and personnel has continued, leading to several publications.

As well as dedicated workshops for individual workpackages, partners met in intensive plenary sessions to hear how the project is progressing, and to see demonstrations of some of the integrative search tools and statistical package the project is working on.

Partners also took part in a field trip to BFW's experimental nursery near Tulln, where they had a guided walk through the nursery and seed storage facilities. They also visited the Larix decidua "Wienerwaldlärche" seed orchard in Klausen-Leopoldsdorf, one of the oldest seed orchards in Austria.

The project meeting was organised by AIT, INRA and INRA Transfert, and hosted by AIT.

Partner plenary sessions
Field trip Field trip

Photos by Manuel Touza, CIDTG