Second Annual Meeting, November 2013

Trees4Future partners met in Doorwerth, the Netherlands, from 19-21 November for the second Trees4Future Annual Meeting.

At the mid-term of the Trees4Future project, participants reviewed the progress of networking and research activities carried out during 2013, and held dedicated working sessions to plan activities for 2014.

One special additional workshop was dedicated to the issue of the sharing of benefits in relation to access and utilization of genetic resources, as introduced by the Convention on Biological Diversity, and often referred to in short as “Access and Benefit Sharing”. There were also invited lectures from Dr. Pieter Zuidema, Wageningen University on “Tropical forests and climate change: improved insights through new techniques” and Dr Koen Kramer, Dr Mirko Liesebach, Dr Adrian Lorent on "Spatial analyses of provenance characteristics for future site suitability matching – case study on the phenology of beech".

Project partners also took part in a field trip to local forests, to discuss autochtonous genetic material.

The project meeting was organised by Alterra and INRA Transfert, and hosted by Alterra.