Towards the development of a platform for fingerprinting and traceability of biological material


  • To assemble a core group of laboratories for progressing towards a unified system of identification, fingerprinting and traceability
  • To collect available molecular methods for species, provenance (seed lot), parent-offspring, and clone identification of forest tree species, and present an updated state-of-the-art collection
  • To identify and standardize methods from this collection that lend themselves to establishment of service facilities in several European key laboratories
  • To identify gaps and needs for further protocols, and to jointly develop such protocols, as well as the necessary databasing, quality control and documentation systems required
  • To evaluate next-generation DNA sequencing and high-throughput genotyping for application in fingerprinting and traceability
  • To compare and review existing, and discuss new, traceability systems that make use of biological information for enhancing consumer confidence in the origin of forest products and forest reproductive material

Lead partner

Bundesforschungs- und Ausbildungszentrum für Wald, Naturgefahren und Landschaft (BFW)


Berthold Heinze, BFW