Dissemination, outreach and training


Networking WPs

  • To set up a concerted dissemination, outreach and training programme making use of novel communication channels and tools and based on demands of the various target audiences. 
  • To disseminate activities and results of Trees4Future to different stakeholders: 
    • the research community: to inform and involve research community in the project activities and map out R&D needs
    • the forest-sector industry and other relevant industries: to publicise the infrastructures and the possibilities offered to them for their research activities, and to identify their needs for R&D
    • the professional community (seed dealers and nurseries, forest managers, industry) to provide them with relevant information (e.g. on FRM), decision tools, etc., and to identify their needs for R&D
    • policy-makers dealing with research issues: identify their needs as well as make them aware of R&D needs
    • general public: information i.a. on the potential contribution and benefits from forest research and forest sector to society
  • To establish and maintain a well-structured and user-friendly portal for accessing information and research infrastructures within Trees4future. 
  • To facilitate knowledge and skills transfer within Trees4Future and beyond, through a series of training seminars and workshops including knowledge/results dissemination and transfer from all Work Packages of Trees4Future, and development and communication of a strategic research agenda to ensure efficient use of the results beyond the project duration. 
  • To facilitate creating long-term thematic networks that thus, enhance the flow of information between the scientists in those fields. 
  • To explore sustainability options for the Trees4Future community and key results.

Lead partner

European Forest Institute (EFI)


Leena Roihuvuo, EFI