Project structure

Trees4Future is split into 36 work packages

Work Packages 1-4 are networking activities.

Work Packages 6-11 are joint research activities

Work Package 5 is concerned with management and evaluation of the calls and applications for transnational access to the Trees4Future infrastructures.

Work Packages 13-36 are the activities providing transnational access to the Trees4Future infrastructures.

Work package  Details Lead Partner
WP1 Structuring and providing a common access to databases AIT
WP2 Creating common standards and protocols VLAGEW
WP3 Creating key thematic research networks INIA
WP4 Dissemination, outreach and training EFI
  Transnational Access  
WP5 Management and evaluation of the Calls for Access FEM
  Joint Research Activities  
WP6 Integrated statistical platform for analyzing forest genetic resources INRA
WP7 Towards the development of a platform for fingerprinting and traceability of biological material BFW
WP8 Spatial modeling of provenance regions and future site suitability matching FR
WP9 Establish a clearing house with GIS functionality for research data ALTERRA
WP10 Developing modes of compatibility of modelling tools ALTERRA
WP11 Enhancement and/or development of medium/high throughput phenotyping of traits INRA
  Project Management   
WP12 Management IT
  Access to Transnational Infrastructures  
WP13 Transnational Access to INRA GENOBOIS infrastructure INRA
WP14 Transnational Access to INRA PTEF ISO: Platform for Analysing Natural Abundance of 13C INRA
WP15 Transnational Access to INRA Phenotyping Platform (Platform for phenotyping tree water relations) INRA
WP16 Transnational Access to INRA Treebreedex databases (TBDX DB) [SERVICE] INRA
WP17 Transnational Access to Genomics-Transcriptomics Facility (GTF) INRA
WP18 Transnational Access to EVOLTREE (Plant Gene Repository Centre and Web Portal @ AIT) AIT
WP19 Transnational Access to Alterra Forest Modelling Portfolio ALTERRA
WP20 Transnational Access to ASP “Section 1: Traceability of FRM and applied forest genetic research” ASP
WP21 Transnational Access to BFW Department of Genetics Molecular Laboratory BFW
WP22 Transnational Access to BOKU infrastructure BOKU
WP24 Transnational Access to EFI Virtual library; EFISCEN; ToSIA EFI
WP25 Transnational Access to Fungi and insects collections - FCBA FCBA
WP26 Transnational Access to Physics Lab at FCBA FCBA
WP27 Transnational Access to SGP-IASMA (Sequencing and Genotyping Platform) - FEM FEM
WP28 Transnational Access to GIS: Matching the species to the site - FR FR
WP29 Transnational Access to Tissue culture laboratory - IBL IBL
WP30 Transnational Access to Ecophysiology Lab (Ecophys IDPAN) IDPAN
WP31 Transnational Access to FLOR: Forestry and Forest products Center - IICT IICT
WP32 Transnational access to SilviScan measurements and evaluations - Innventia Innventia
WP33 Transnational Access to Metla Punkaharju cryopreservation lab (MetlaPuCry) METLA
WP34 Transnational Access to Metla Punkaharju vegetative propagation lab (MetlaPuVP) METLA
WP35 Transnational Access to Coupled Differential Scanning Calorimetry and Thermogravimetric Analyzer UGent
WP36 Transnational Access to X-ray CT scanner (Nanowood) - UGent UGent