Transnational Accesses

Technical information

CNR-IVALSA Wood quality laboratory

The laboratory contains:
  • FT-NIR Bruker Vector N22, robotized, optimized for solid wood sample
  • MIR-ATR Bruker-Alpha, robotized, optimized for solid/powder/KBr/liqufied wood sample
  • Database including wood provenance, wood coatings, glues, preservatives, wood waste.
  • Several standard software packages (such as OPUS, LABVIEW, MATLAB, R, STATISTICA) allowing proper data analysis are offered.

IVALSA wood quality equipmentPhoto: IVALSA.

Custom wood sample measuring devices for characterization of surface and bulk. Integration of these equipments with mechanical tests, thermal analysis…etc.

Examples of use

  • Monitoring flux/origin of wood across Europe
  • Monitoring and classifying glues, preservatives, coatings in wood residues
  • Integrating molecular bondings properties measured with IR with other properties (e.g. physical, thermal…)