Transnational Accesses

Technical information

Slow-cooling of the samples to be cryopreserved is performed with programmable Planer -device. Photo: Jouko Lehto

METLA Cryopreservation laboratory

The Metla Cryopreservation laboratory includes:

  • A programmable freezer (Planer) for slow-cooling cryopreservation technique
  • 6 storage LN containers for cryopreserved samples, each with capacity of 500-6000 samples, option to store samples either in straws or storage boxes
  • 5 liquid nitrogen containers, equipped with LN pumps having gas separator
  • Cold- and freezing room capacities: rooms of 8°C, +4°C, -5°C, -20°C
  • Several ultra-freezers of –70/-80°C
  • Research microscope with UV-light and digical camera and several stereomicroscopes, also equipped with digital cameras are available for viability assays following cryostorage and thawing

Cryopreservation of samples. Photo: Jouko Lehto

Examples of use

  • Cryopreservation of embryogenic cultures of Pinus and Abies using slow-cooling
  • Cryopreservation of in vivo vegetative buds and/ or in vitro shoot tips of broadleaves, such as Betula, Fraxinus, Populus, Sorbus
  • Vitrification of Betula and Populus