Technical information

INRA Platform for phenotyping tree water relations

INRA irrigation robotEmpty robot including control unit and manual measurement station. Photo: O.Brendel.

The platform includes:

Climate chambers: 9m2, rotating platform, control of light, temperature and humidity

Irrigation robot: greenhouse is temperature controlled and environmental data (light, temperature etc) can be recorded. The irrigation robot is built for 10l pots and can contain up to 72 pots. Plants can be max. 2 m high and 50 cm diameter.

Weighing and irrigation can be done routinely up to 10 times per day every 2 hours. Pot weights and irrigation quantity are recorded for each individual plant. Irrigation is calculated automatically relative to target weights, therefore allowing the precise control of soil water status/deficit. A manual measurement station provides the possibility to take measurements on the plants directly.

Examples of use

  • Drought stress experiments on seedlings of tree species (max. 2 m high, 50 cm diameter)
  • Estimation of whole plant transpiration at medium throughput