Genetics, Genomics and Tree Breeding

Trees4Future offers access to a wide range of facilities on genetics, genomics and tree breeding: from comprehensive on-line databases such as the EVOLTREE data warehouse and the Treebreedex databases, to state-of-the art laboratory facilities e.g. on genotyping and vegetative propagation.

TNA logoBFW Department of Genetics molecular laboratory (Austria)
TNA logoEVOLTREE Plant Gene Repository Centre and Data Warehouse (AIT) (Austria)
TNA logoMETLA Cryopreservation laboratory (Finland)
TNA logoMETLA Vegetative propagation laboratory (Finland)
TNA logoINRA Genomics-Transcriptomics Facility (GTF) (France)
TNA logoTREEBREEDEX Forest Genetic Resources (France)
TNA logoASP Traceability of Forest Reproductive Material (Germany)
TNA logoFEM Sequencing and Genotyping Platform (Italy)
TNA logoIBL In vitro plant breeding (Poland)