Technical information

DNA extraction from plant materialDNA extraction from plant material. Photo: AIT.

Gene Repository Centre and Data Warehouse for EVOLTREE Databases

  • Two Tecan Genesis platforms allow fully automated and reliable liquid handling applications using 96 or 384 well plates (nucleic acid sample preparation, sample pooling, sample rearrangements, PCR approach, dilution series).
  • The Hydrocycler (KBioscience) is a high throughput PCR cycler which enables the simultaneous execution of up to 16 microtiterplates in 96 or 384 well format.
  • Automated analysis of agarosegels for quality and quantity measurements.
  • Automated colony picking for library separation and management can be offered via Colony picker QPix2 (Molecular Devices).
  • Microarray facility for (contact) printing, scanning and hybridizing of microarrays
    • Spotting of DNA, Oligos or proteins via Nanoprint LM210 onto 210 slides per run or into microtiterplates
    • Automated scanning via Tecan LS 300 and autoloader Connect (532nm, 635nm)
    • Automated hybridization via Tecan HS 400 station
  • The low temperature automated storage and retrieval system Labstore 450 (Brooks) at -20°C enables the reliable and quality assured long time storage and retrieval of reference samples.
  • Fully automated ultra low storage capacities at -80°C can be provided by the Biobank (Thermo).
  • For DNA quantification Real Time PCR Systems CFX 96 and IQ 5 cycler can be provided.

Fields of application

  • Marker development for genomic selection and diversity studies.
  • Data generation for population genetics analysis.
  • Large-scale re-sequencing efforts and next generation sequencing projects.
  • Integration of databases for efficient data management.
  • Gene expression studies.
  • Long-term storage and distribution of reference samples (quality assured, low temperature) – for collaborative projects and time-scale studies.
  • Methylation studies.
  • High throuphput applications (DNA extraction, PCR, DNA quantification and quality measurements, electrophoresis).