Trees4Future makes good progress

Jan 14, 2014

The review of the first 18 months of the Trees4Future project has concluded that the project is making good progress.

The EU review and evaluation focused on the plans, roadmaps and start-up activities carried out in the initial phase of the project. The review found that Trees4Future is well on its way to integrating, improving, facilitating and providing common access for the research community to infrastructures concerning tree breeding, forest management, climate and the environment.

Trees4Future’s Transnational Access programme, which has seen over 30 visits by researchers to facilities in its first 18 months of operation was also praised.

The review recommended that the project focused on interactions with private sector stakeholders and policy makers in its last two years, for example encouraging applications from outside the academic research community to the Transnational Access programme.

Project Coordinator Luc Paques said: “This Trees4Future year has been rich and progress in our different tasks and activities is getting now more sound and visible. I'd like to thank all partners for their efforts to reinforce our network, open access to research infrastructures and make good progress in the many tasks.”