Speaker presentations

Trees for the Future: contributing to the green bio-economy

24 September 2013 at AgroParisTech, Nancy, France

Session 1 The European RTDI agendas for the green bio-economy
Moderator: Luc Pâques, INRA
Luc Pâques
(Coordinator of Trees4Future)
Welcome and introduction to Trees4Future
Johan Elvnert
FTP (Forest-based Sector Technology Platform)
Forest-based Sector's RTDI agenda
Session 2 From research to business - creating added value
Moderator: Antoine Kremer, INRA
François Lefèvre
INRA Avignon
Genetics and genomics RTDI contributing to the needs of the forest-based sector
Luc Pâques
Near-InfraRed Spectometry – NIRS (High performance tool)
Duncan Ray
Forest Research, UK
The Climate Matching Tool
  Panel discussion
Session 3 Contributing to the green bio-economy
Moderator: Andreas Kleinschmit von Lengefeld, FCBA
Mariella Marzano
Forest Research, UK
Trees4Future industry stakeholder profile – what are their needs?
Kimmo Järvinen
Secretary General
EOS (European Organisation of the
Sawmilling Industry)
RTDI needs for the woodworking industry
Elspeth MacRae
SCION, New Zealand
Prosperity from trees and the
bio-based economy
  Panel discussion and conclusions of the seminar / recommendations